Modern natural remedies come in many different forms, whether it’s capsules, tablets, liquids or powders. Some of these formulas are based on remedies that have been used for thousands of years, while others are developed from recent scientific investigation into the benefits of alternative medicine.

While these products are not intended to treat or cure illnesses and diseases, some people find that natural remedies do alleviate unpleasant symptoms that interfere with their ability to enjoy life. There are also natural remedies that can take the place of prescription or over-the-counter medicinal sleep aids and smoking cessation aids with a doctor’s approval.

Natural healing products are formulas that are created specifically for an individual concern. They can include everything from aromatherapy products that use the power of scent to promote wellness to oral supplements that are taken daily to reduce the severity of certain symptoms. In addition to ready-made products, carries pure extracts and oils derived from natural sources that can be combined for use in homemade remedies.

Homeopathy is a special field of natural medicine that was developed in 1796 by a German doctor named Samuel Hahnemann. These types of remedies use combinations of diluted natural extracts to improve health and well-being. Our natural remedies collection includes a number of products developed in accordance with homeopathic principles that address a variety of health concerns.

The importance of sleep simply can’t be underestimated. When we sleep at night, our bodies have a chance to rejuvenate and recover from the day, so that we can awaken feeling refreshed and alert. Because of sleep’s importance to health and well-being, not getting enough rest can have serious consequences from health issues to problems with mood and concentration.

We carry a wide selection of products that address specific health care issues. Prior to taking any natural product, carefully read the dosage instructions and warnings. Keep in mind that while natural remedies are generally safe, they may not be appropriate for individuals with certain underlying medical problems. When in doubt, talk to your doctor or natural health practitioner about which natural remedies are best for you.